Year: <span>2015</span>
Year: 2015


Fall is OK, but it means winter is coming and I don’t like winter! I wish it went from Fall to Spring to Summer to Fall. I was in Florida all weekend with hubby, celebrating his dad’s 75th Birthday – Happy Birthday Dad#2! It was fun – we [Jim, me, Jim’s brother and Jim’s nephew and niece] flew down and totally surprised him πŸ™‚ But somehow I managed to not take even 1 picture. Oops!

Front Hall Overhaul – Part 11

Since my last front hall update, I’ve finished grouting, I’ve sealed the grout, and I’ve moved on to the closet shelf and lighter wall color. Today was a holiday from work, so I went to the paint store and bought a quart of Benjamin Moore Marina Gray. However, once on the walls, it looks like cement.

6 Panel Art Project – Part 2

I’ve been working on my 6-panel painting project which I started this pastΒ July.Β  I completed 3 of the 6 panels in July, and have been working towards completing the remaining 3. Β So far I have outlined each shape on the 3 empty panels with a Sharpie, traced them onto paper, and marked them on pieces of tin.

Front Hall Overhaul – Part 10

I HATE grout haze. It’s my current nemesis, although I’ve made huge progress towards eliminating it. Removing it requires lots and lots of scrubbing. With warm water and a green kitchen scrubbie. And once you think you’ve done as much scrubbing as you can handle, you have to to more scrubbing. And rinsing. Lots and lots of rinsing.

Living With Depression

As a DIY blogger, I don’t often talk about my personal life. I like to keep things light and fluffy and focus on my accomplishments and the funny things my pets have done. It helps me to keep a positive mental attitude and outlook on life. But behind the scenes things aren’t always so easy. I have suffered from depression since puberty. Without medication I find life unbearable. I wanted to share a blog post I wrote in 2005, originally published on MySpace.

Front Hall Overhaul – Part 8

I laid the last 10 tiles in the front hall today! And sealed them. I’m so happy they’re done! After laying them I let the mortar dry for a few hours while I attended a friend’s birthday party. Then I sealed them. Now the entire front hall and closet is covered in beautiful, dark grey slate!