Front Hall Overhaul – Part 9

On Tuesday after work I began grouting the front hall, just the first 2 rows of tile:


The grout I’m using is SimpleGrout pre-mixed sanded grout in “Delorean Gray”, from Home Depot.  It’s a very nice, light grey.

Yesterday after work I re-did a few areas of that section where the grout had sunk:

214b2        214c2

And added a few new grout lines:

214g        214h

I also worked on some of the closet:

214e        214f

I’m about ⅓ done overall.  It’s much easier for me to do some, let it dry, then do some more.  Otherwise, as I’m washing the grout off newly grouted tiles, the sponge catches still wet grout from nearby tiles and makes everything all smeared again.  Gah!  So frustrating.  Doing sections at a time allows me to successfully wash the newly grouted tiles and they remain clean.  Grouting is very messy.

Tools of the trade:


This morning I took some cute pictures of sleepy rat girls:

214i        214j


I will be grouting more today.

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