6 Panel Art Project – Part 2

6 Panel Art Project – Part 2

I’ve been working on my 6-panel painting project which I started this past July.  I completed 3 of the 6 panels in July, and have been working towards completing the remaining 3.  So far I have outlined each shape on the 3 empty panels with a Sharpie, traced them onto paper, and marked them on pieces of tin.  Cutting tin is hard!  There’s probably an easier way than using big tin snips, but that’s what I’m using.  Once the pieces are cut out, I’ll paint the 3 canvases, then glue the tin tree shapes onto them.  In theory, all together, it will look like a tree when hung on the wall!  If the tin ends up looking like ass I’ll try a different medium:

6 panel art painting project - acrylic on 11X14" canvas board       



I’ve wanted to work with tin FOREVER so I decided this was a good time to try it out.

I’ll end this post with some silly pictures from this past weekend when our friend Nat stayed over – we had a bit of wine and decided to use the Halloween cat candy bowl my parents gave me last week as a hat.  It was Nat’s fault.  We had fun 🙂



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