Meet Franc!

franc eating a cucumber and smiling

Last week my friend Michelle posted on Facebook that her friend Joe needed to find a new home for his male rat Franc. Apparently Joe has to travel a lot for work, so Franc got lonely. But Franc is SO cute and so sweet… hubby agreed we could adopt him. This morning at 9 I picked him up and this afternoon I got him all settled in our spare large cage.

Stained Glass Stars – Part 5

raspberry stained glass snowflake star

This weekend I created 3 new stars for our living room window. I dressed them up with pre-tinned copper wire to make them look like snowflakes. Pre-tinned means it’s already been dipped in solder so it saves me the headache of trying to lay an even layer of solder over it. It’s very easy to hold the wire designs with needle-nosed pliers and solder them to the stars.

Stained Glass Spider Web – Part 4

adding reinforced hooks to the side of the stained glass spider web

Abbie warned me a couple times that the stained glass spider web I made in October was probably too heavy for the hooks I added in November, since they were soldered directly to the copper foil border. She wasn’t kidding! Today I took the web down to my workshop and barely applied any pressure before the hooks peeled off, taking the copper foil with them.

Caulk and Cat Butts

bonkers after being shaved

Not something you usually see in the same sentence, but my weekend was all about caulk and cat butts. Yesterday poor Bonkers had his butt shaved to remove gobs of greasy mats. This past weekend I caulked for the FIRST TIME EVER! It’s another DIY milestone.

Additional Lighting for my Basement Workshop

adding lighting to the basement workshop cage

I love my basement workshop [basement cage], but there’s only one light. I have my main workspace right under that light, but while I’m stained glassing I am working on 2 workspaces and one is pretty dark. Today I went to Home Depot and picked up a work light and hung it from the ceiling, via 2 extension cords, some copper wire, and a bunch of red twine.