Front Hall Overhaul – Part 12

This weekend I actually did something right on the first try!  I’m obviously not talking about the front hall wall color, which took 3 tries.  I’m talking about mixing my own hue of paint!  I mean, I’ve been doing that forever when I create art.  But I’ve never done it with wall paint before.  I was inspired by Jo at Let’s Face the Music who gave me the courage to believe I could do it – thanks, Jo!

The first color I painted the front hall was Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal:

painting the front entrance hall benjamin moore kendall charcoal        benjamin moore kendall charcoal

Too dark.

The second color I painted the front hall was Benjamin Moore Marina Gray:

front hall walls painted benjamin moore marina gray        benjamin moore marina gray

Too blue.

I had considered other colors, like Benjamin Moore Portland Gray or Pashmina, but ultimately decided to try lightening up my leftover Kendall Charcoal.  I went to the Benjamin Moore store and bought a gallon of white base paint and a 3 gallon plastic bucket.  I had about ¾ quart of Kendall Charcoal leftover from painting the hall back in March.  I poured about half of it into the 3 gallon bucket.  Then I poured what I thought would be a good amount of the white base paint into the bucket [probably a quart, to a quart and a half] and mixed it up.  I compared the color of the original Kendall Charcoal with the new hybrid mix on a paint stick:

223a        223b2

It looked perfect, so I tested it on the wall:

223c2        223d

It looked really good with the slate!  Hubby and I decided to go for it, so I covered my precious slate floor with contractor’s paper:


And put on 2 coats.  It looks really good!

painting the front hall a hybrid mix of kendall charcoal and white        painting the front hall a hybrid mix of kendall charcoal and white

painting the front hall a hybrid mix of kendall charcoal and white        painting the front hall a hybrid mix of kendall charcoal and white

The color is now fairly close to Benjamin Moore Storm:

benjamin moore storm

The interior of the closet is still Kendall Charcoal – I like the contrast.

I also finished the closet shelf!  I primed it a few weeks ago, and this weekend I painted it.  I also used the iron-on wood veneer on the front edge.  Here’s the before, and halfway through ironing on the veneer:

223j        223k

And here’s the finished edge [which I painted white], and the shelf back in the closet [thanks to hubby!]:

223l        223m

Yay!!!  So now the floor, walls and closet shelf are done.  Next up is re-painting the trim and ceiling, and dealing with the rusty door.  We will most likely be replacing the door.

Here’s a pic I took in our yard before work last week:

moon over ebsco and the ipswich river

Happy November, everyone!  Meh.

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  1. I think you made the right choice of color.
    Ich denke du hast die richtige Farbwahl getroffen.
    liebe grüsse

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I feel so proud of you and the color is, as your say, “really good”. I, too, like the contrast of the closet and the hall. Now you must name your new color. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    Well done with the mixing of the paint. It looks nice. You have been really productive!

  4. I like the new color! BM paint is expensive, so I’m glad you could use the old, darker gray. The Ipswich looks a little bleak and wimpy this time of year, huh? Better than a flood, though. We’ve had dumping rain and some rivers are flooding (not near our house though).

    • Ya, it’s definitely a much different landscape in the winter!!! Very dreary compared to summer. But still beautiful. I hope the floods stay away from you!

  5. The hall looks perfect. Love the wall color. The floor is gorgeous. You did lots of work in that small room, and it was worth it!

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