Disco Ball Redux

Back in July, I risked life and limb to climb 15′ in the air on a ladder [which was leaning slightly backwards], while lugging a giant disco ball, so I could hang it from the beam in our upstairs hallway:

ladder in upstairs hall to hang disco ball        upstairs hall disco ball

However, it was too high up to reflect any light from the nearby skylight, and I also failed to direct the can light above the closet [where the holiday tree is] at the ball to take advantage of it’s GLORY.  All glory to the disco ball!!!  Or, if you prefer,:


Today after work, despite having a fever and battling a UTI [or probably because of], I lugged my big ladder up to the hallway and climbed on top of the closet.  I lowered the disco ball 3′ by adding a 2nd chain.  I also aimed the can light at the ball:

224b        224e

Look at all the sparkles!!!!!!!  *happy happy boing boing boing*

224c        224d

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  1. Good idea, great effect.
    Gute idee, große Wirkung.
    Have fun with it. Viel freude damit.
    liebe grüsse

  2. I love the razzle dazzle of lights and mirrors — very diva. Motto: Never give up. I’m sure this successful maneuver has helped your fever immensely, now it’s disco fever. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    If that doesn’t make you feel better, nothing can! Alright medicine might actually make you feel better, but this lifts your spirits.

  4. Very impressive and beautiful! Glad you didn’t have to climb the wrong side of the ladder again! 🙂

    • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee too! I hope to never have to climb the wrong side of a ladder again! The right side is scary enough *nods*

  5. Very beautiful, super sparkly, and fun – but ….. watch that climbing, be careful!

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