I Hate Cleaning our Fence

after cleaning, our white yard fence is so shiny and white again!

About 4 years ago I washed the green algae and moss off our plastic [came with the house] yard fence.  The fence gives privacy to both back yards belonging to our condo building.  It’s taken about 4 years for it to get gross again.  I only cleaned our part… sorry Kathy!  It took 2 hours of constant scrubbing with a sponge dipped in white vinegar and hot water, followed by hosing off each section as I went.  It was exhausting, but it HAD to be done

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Backyard Catio – Part 25

i added about 100 new staples to the outdoor catio this year

Ever since building the catio in 2015, it hasn’t needed much care.  Last summer I swapped out the chicken wire for welded wire and added a homemade sleeping box. The catio still looks great and has no structural damage, despite some carpenter bees spending an uncomfortable amount of time investigating it lately. But some of the staples had pulled out over the winter.

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Outdoor Squirrel Feeding Platform

i love seeing the squirrels looking so happy as they visit their platform

One of the items on my 2018 Projects list was to build a platform outside one of the dining room windows so the squirrels and birds would have a nice place to eat and so the cats could watch from inside. I actually built and installed the platform back in March but haven’t posted about it until now, which gave me time to take lots of action shots 🙂

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Basement Flooding – Part 6

the pile of basement stuff i put in the driveway after the flood

So we had 2 power outages last week.  And it totally never occurred to me that our sump pumps wouldn’t work… until my mom mentioned it.  That was a total DUH moment for me!  In the 6 years I’ve lived here we’ve never had a power outage lasting longer than an hour or 2.  And never during a record-breaking storm surge.

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