We Haz More Grass!
We Haz More Grass!

We Haz More Grass!

Back in June 2018 I added 2 pieces of fake grass to our back yard:


It was a definite improvement over the ugly gravel.  I can’t remove the gravel and plant real grass without a MAJOR hassle.  Under the gravel is black fiber mesh, and under the mesh is a Rebar grid.  It would be a major undertaking.  If I didn’t have to move the catio temporarily, I MIGHT consider it.  But I have to use a car jack just to lift up one corner of the catio, so moving it is not an option!

So for now, I’m working to beautify the yard as much as possible.  I found this awesome fake grass on Amazon [#affiliate], which comes in many sizes.  It looks very realistic, and has held up 100% well over the past 2 years.  It’s perforated so rain goes through it and drains through the gravel.  The smaller pieces like what I bought are quite affordable – $40/piece.  They’re 3.3′ x 5′ & a perfect fit for what I’m doing.  This year I ordered 2 more pieces, and another pack of landscape staples [#affiliate].

Here’s the part of the yard where I added the new “grass”:


I had to cut around the deck post, which was a bit of a headache, as I really suck at spatial visualization.  But I got it done:


The 2nd piece [4th piece overall] was much easier:


It looks really good!:


In another year or so I’ll order more pieces to fill out the rest of the yard:


It would be nice to have “grass” running under the edge of the catio and in the far left corner of the below pic [which leads to the driveway gate].  But for now I’m very happy!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I know it! The individual fibers are about an inch long and it’s even got smaller yellower ones mixed in like real grass LOL!!! It looks really real. Especially the older 2 pieces which aren’t as shiny as the newer ones. It ages well 🙂

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks! It’s getting there 🙂 Another couple of pieces of grass, and our new steps the handy man is going to build [with the longer platform that will come out to meet the edge of the grass] and it will be perfect!

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