Backyard Steps – Part 2

new back steps built by our handyman

In Part 1 I explained how I found a ton of rot behind the existing steps when I pulled them away from the house.  And critter holes.  Which probably explains why I trapped and released about 30 mice from the basement this summer! 

Repointing Slate Steps – Part 3

i used polyblend grout renew in charcoal to cover slate mortar stains

After repointing and sealing the back slate steps, they were looking SO GOOD!  The final step was using Polyblend Grout Renew in “Natural Gray” to stain the cement-colored Quikrete to a more natural looking color.  I first learned about Polyblend Grout Renew back in 2015 when I used it to lighten the mortar in the … Read more

A Cellarway Makeover

the basement cellarway after painting the walls and trim

Frankly, I’ve never thought about our cellarway.  It’s always just been “the cellarway”.  A way to get from the kitchen down to the basement.  But last month as I was coming back up from the basement it finally occurred to me “hey, there’s no reason these walls have to remain dirty, white, matte crap!”