DIY Screen Door – Part 4
DIY Screen Door – Part 4

DIY Screen Door – Part 4

In May 2016 I completed a DIY screen door for the master bedroom, which leads out to the deck.  It’s been AWESOME having a screen door for that door, as it lets in a great cross breeze, especially at night.

After 4 years of sun & weather the door is still going strong, but the paint DEFINITELY needed some TLC:

I started scraping off what I could, both inside and out:




Then primed both sides with Kilz primer:

Meanwhile I went to Aubuchon Hardware and bought exterior black semi-gloss paint:

I painted on 2 coats, both inside and out.  Previously, the interior of the door had been white but I decided to paint both sides black:


It looks awesome:



I also took the time to adjust the outdoor slide lock, which over the years has become misaligned.  Then gave it a small makeover:


Originally I thought this would be another one of my “5 Little Projects” but it took a week and became more of a medium sized project so it got it’s own post.

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  1. AnneV

    This screen door is such a great addition to your room, both visually and practically. And for what it’s worth, I definitely prefer the inside painted black. This project involved lots of work, but it was well worth it. Everything looks beautiful!

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