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For the first time, like, ever, I’m not traveling for Christmas.  Hubby and I are going to spend the day in our pajamas, sprawled on the couch, watching Christmas specials and gorging ourselves on vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner [it was so good at Thanksgiving I’m making it again!].

We usually fly to Florida to spend the holidays with our families [who live about 10 minutes apart in SW Florida].  But this year we flew to Florida early – arriving the day after Thanksgiving and spending a week enjoying the summer weather.  But I caught some kind of plague on the plane and was sick the entire week, which kind of sucked.  And hubby caught the flu on the way home and has been sick ever since [the Tamiflu he got from his doctor is finally helping].  A nice, quiet Christmas is just what we need to fully recover.

Thursday afternoon was my company’s holiday party.  My boss OK’d me to take 3 hours of leave instead, so I finally had time to set up our tree and decorate it!

93a     93c     christmas tree 2014 with presents

It’s always fun unwrapping the ornaments year to year and remembering my favorites:

93e        christmas tree ornaments

93f        christmas tree ornaments

I also found some cool LED icicle lights at the local dollar store, which I hung in the living room window:

93h        93i

They constantly rotate between like 10 colors – I love that shit!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah, everyone!  I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful, drama-free holiday.



Mashed skin-on Red Potatoes [with lots of butter and ½&½]

Mashed oven-roasted Butternut Squash

Fresh steamed Green Beans [with butter]

Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing

Vegetarian Gravy† [which I actually like better than “real” gravy now!]

Cranberry Sauce

Market Basket Pumpkin Pie


† Recipe for Vegetarian Gravy:

recipe for vegetarian gravy



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  1. Anne

    Love your ornaments – I recognize so many of them.
    Glad you’re website is finally up and running again!
    Also love your wish that everyone have a peaceful and drama-free holiday!
    Happy, Happy!

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