Living Room Cupboard – Part 1

Living Room Cupboard – Part 1

Yesterday after work I got a burst of energy and decided to start painting the living room cupboard – something that’s been on my to do list for a long time!  I started by taking the doors off and prepping the frame with blue painters tape.  Then I spread contractor’s paper on the floor of the girl cave, set up my painters triangles, and got the doors ready for primer.

All I got done yesterday was one coat of Stix primer on the frame & doors, but it’s progress:

44a        44b

44c        44d

I figure if I do a little each night after work, the cupboard will be done by the weekend and I can move onto something else.  I’ll put on one more coat of Stix primer before applying 2 coats of linen white trim paint [all the trim in the condo is painted with it, so it will look nice on the cupboard].  I haven’t decided yet when I’ll paint the inside of the cupboard – that’s a much more labor intensive project.  If I do paint the inside, I’ll use the same Calypso Orange as in the kitchen cabinet.

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