Kitchen Cupboard – Part 2
Kitchen Cupboard – Part 2

Kitchen Cupboard – Part 2

In case you missed it, here is the previous link for this now-completed project:


As I reported this morning, I was able to get some DIY stuff done over the weekend.  And that included putting 2 coats of high-gloss Benjamin Moore Calypso Orange in the glass-front kitchen cupboard!  I primed and painted it with a sample of BM Calypso Orange back in March, but their samples only come in Satin finish and I wanted high-gloss.  When I bought the can of high-gloss I had them lighten the color by 10% so it’s not quite so blaring.  Back in March, I decided to NOT tape the edges, and just wing it with the paint.  Bad idea!   So this time I taped the edges and got much cleaner lines.  After some scraping with a razor blade tool and a sponge, I was able to remove most of the messy edges from March – it looks great:

42o2        42p2


Hooray for DIY!

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