De-Mousing the Foundation – Part 2
De-Mousing the Foundation – Part 2

De-Mousing the Foundation – Part 2

Last May I started de-mousing the foundation around our front stoop with hardware cloth:

i put up hardware cloth to keep mice away from our foundation        i put up hardware cloth to keep mice away from our foundation

I dug down about 4 inches, jammed the hardware cloth into the dirt, then stapled it to the house and stoop.  I backfilled in the dirt and packed it down, but never finished the job.  I got discouraged after realizing mice will always find a way in.

The issue all began when I built a squirrel feeding platform in March 2018 off our dining room window:

i love seeing the squirrels looking so happy as they visit their platform        the squirrel water bottle installed above the squirrel platform

Great idea in theory – many happy, fat squirrels!  TERRIBLE IDEA in practice because it attracted a shit ton of mice to our house, foundation, and basement.  Ever since, we have been battling mice.  So many mice.  They originally chewed their way into the basement right below the squirrel feeder, via the HVAC duct, tossing insulation out as they went:

the mice were pulling insulation out of our house via a hole near the platform

I removed the squirrel platform in October 2018, but by then it was far too late.

This past weekend hubby asked if I’d resume the de-mousing around our front door because the mice had started burrowing under our front stoop and most likely directly into the basement.  He wasn’t kidding – look at this huge doorway leading directly under the center of the front stoop:

the mice dug a hole in the center of our front stoop

I started on the right side of the stoop where I’d left off last May.  I dug down as deep as I could, cut pieces of hardware cloth with my wire nips, jammed it into the dirt, stapled the wire to the stoop, backfilled the dirt, then stomped it down:



The wire wraps around to the front of the stoop by about an inch:

Then closed up the hole at the front of the stoop and jammed a brick against the wire for extra measure:

       i stapled hardware cloth over the mouse hole in front of our stoop

Then did the entire left side of the stoop.  Most of the dirt was already dug away on that side:


I angled the wire so it rounded the corner and met up with where the foundation turns to cement:

i stapled hardware cloth to the left side of our front stoop       

I placed bricks and rocks up against the wire:

i placed rocks and bricks against the hardware cloth to discourage mice       

I was too cold by that point to attempt to finish the front, but I plan to do that soon:

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  1. AnneV

    Okay, here’s my comment. Never, ever do anything to attract squirrels! Aside from the fact that they, in turn, encourage the mice to build a pathway into your nice, warm house, the squirrels are possibly the single most destructive of all the rodent family. Once they get into your house, you’re in BIG trouble.
    Been there! Beware!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I LOVE squirrels! I don’t love mice being in the basement. I miss being able to watch the squirrels happily eating on the squirrel feeder. And the juvenile squirrels racing around the lilac tree.

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