Outdoor Squirrel Feeding Platform

One of the items on my 2018 Projects list was to build a platform outside one of the dining room windows so the squirrels and birds would have a nice place to eat and so the cats could watch from inside.  I had already built a cat platform in the dining room window back in 2014:

dining room cat platforms bonkers        dining room cat platforms bonkers

That’s our old cat Bonkers enjoying both the platform and the step.  RIP buddy, we miss you SO MUCH 🙁

This past March I decided to use that same platform as the outdoor squirrel platform [because it’s fairly over-sized] and build 2 smaller indoor platforms, one for each South-facing window.  Back in 2014 I had drilled the platform directly to the windowsill.  Since then the screws have gotten old and rusty.  2 gave me such an issue I had to bring out the dremel tool and slice a deep groove into them before I could get any leverage with my screwdriver:


After removing the last screw and freeing the platform from the windowsill, I attached large, white, metal brackets to the bottom of it:


I decided to hang it outside the left window because there’s a giant HVAC box under the right-side one which would probably scare the squirrels away:


Here’s a shot of both windows so you can see what I mean:

darwin in the dining room window, from outside

I added birdseed and unsalted peanuts and made sure everything looked good from inside:


Then headed down to my basement workshop and cut a piece of pine down to make the 2 new inside window cat platforms.  I primed and painted them:


Then added brackets and attached them to the wall in the dining room underneath each windowsill:


This time I opted for shelf brackets and an extra bracket on top attached to the underside of the wooden windowsill instead of screwing them directly onto the windowsill:


I staple-gunned pieces of IKEA bath rug to each platform and that was it:


The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for squirrel and bird watching:


But soon Spring started to arrive and the squirrels and cats have been quite happy:




We’ve had at least 2 different squirrels.  One has a scar on her back and the other doesn’t:




Stay tuned for an upgraded feature I’m very excited about!

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4 thoughts on “Outdoor Squirrel Feeding Platform”

  1. I think squirrels are adorable! Obviously your cats agree. The squirrels must know the cats can’t get to them even though they’re mere inches away. Neener-neener!

    • I know, the squirrel sees me and the cats watching and seems to know we can’t get to him/her/them 🙂 Neener Neener LOL!!!


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