Bathroom Mirror Frame – Part 2

Bathroom Mirror Frame – Part 2

I woke up Saturday and decided to finally caulk the bathroom mirror frame.  It’s been exactly a month since I hung the mirror, and I should have caulked it after the first week.  Better late than never.  I started by taping a caulk line, like I did when I caulked the kitchen counter:

      i taped the mirror in preparation for caulking the seams

I did the sides first.  I caulked a bead then used my finger to smooth it out:


Sometimes I forget how much I my devil duck:

I removed the tape immediately after each side, because I remember what happened in the kitchen when I let the caulk dry overnight & half the caulk ripped off along with the tape.  After removing the tape I realized there were gaps I’d need to redo:

        after removing the tape i realized there were some gaps in the caulk lines

I re-taped those areas and re-caulked them.  No more gaps:

i re-taped and re-caulked the areas with gaps in the bathroom mirror frame        after a 2nd try, the bathroom mirror frame had no more caulk gaps

Now we move on to the measuring mistake I referenced in Part 1.  Somehow about ½” of mirror was visible under the frame:

i measured the mirror frame wrong and 1/2 inch of mirror shows underneath it       

I have NO IDEA how I managed that.  I didn’t even notice until after I’d hung the frame.  So I taped the underside of the frame and painted over the bit of mirror showing.  It’s harder to paint mirror than I realized and some of the first coat came off when I applied a 2nd coat [second picture]:


I’ll touch it up after it’s dried overnight.  I also added a second coat of paint to the caulk line between our sink and wall.  I added the first coat back in February.  The bathroom vanity was only installed 7 years ago… At least I can finally cross that off my to-do list:


While the paint dried I hung up the adorable IKEA Lasjön shower curtain I bought back in June.  I didn’t know it has a banana on a hook until I hung it up – LOVE IT:


I let the sides dry for a couple of hours, then taped & caulked the top & bottom:



I also caulked up under the frame, where it meets the mirror.  Then I decided to caulk the left side gap between the frame and wall:


I think that was a smart move:

I also caulked the right side where the frame meets the wall, just in case:

Lastly I cut some cardboard pieces to protect the caulk from water when we brush our teeth tonight:

i added cardboard barricades to protect the fresh caulk from water

24 hours later the caulk is clear and almost totally dry:

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