I am a Federal employee & have been on furlough since 12/22/2018.  I spent the first 5 days of my furlough in Florida with my family for Christmas.  Since then I’ve been keeping busy with projects and deep cleaning.  For my 2nd furlough project I built additional shelving for our front hall closet.  This is something I’ve been meaning to do since 2015!  Our one shelf has been a disorganized mess for the past 3 years.  When I cleaned it out I found stuff I didn’t even know we had, and also stuff we’ve been looking for:

My plan was to build 2 side-shelves to sit on top of the main shelf & take advantage of the high ceiling in the closet.  The clearance between the main closet shelf and door frame is only 10″, so I wasn’t able to get up in there and nail/screw braces to the wall.  That meant dusting off the Kreg Jig and making shelves with legs [aka little tables].  Before building them I checked the internet but all the cheap cubbie-type storage I found was at least 2″ too wide.  I already had a surplus of ¾” plywood in my wood pile, so I used my table saw to cut 6 pieces:


The Kreg jig made easy work of them and soon I had 2 little tables:


I primed & painted them:


Then easily slid them into the closet [see? not much clearance]:

So cool!  Exactly what I had in mind:


Here’s a wider shot of the 2 shelves, and an after shot once I’d stored everything back up there.  I had so much extra room that I was able to store a whole bunch of new stuff that has been laying around the house.  Score!:


The shelves were a very easy project and I’m so glad they’re finally done!


Stay tuned for furlough projects 3 & 4!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Yes, they make it so much easier to store stuff in there – it’s such an awkward space to access – it’s nice to have the stuff we don’t use very often up high and really out of reach – leaves the other stuff easier to grab.

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