Furlough Project #3 – New Dryer Tube

Furlough Project #3 – New Dryer Tube

I am a Federal employee & have been on furlough since 12/22/2018.  I’ve been keeping busy with projects and deep cleaning.  My 3rd furlough project was replacing the dryer vent in the laundry room.  This project wasn’t very exciting, but needed to be done.  When I pulled the dryer away from the wall last week I found that the duct tape patch on our old dryer tube had failed and there was lint all over the floor.  There was also a clog of half lint/half dryer sheet inside the wall vent.  Scary!  I cleaned everything up and set about replacing the dryer vent.  I had to go to the hardware store for a clamp because we only had one and dryer tubes require two [we’d used duct tape on the old vent but I wanted to do it right this time].  One clamp for the wall vent, and one clamp to attach the tube to the dryer:

new dryer vent tube attached to wall vent with clamp        new dryer vent tube attached to dryer with clamp

Darwin was very happy to assist.  He was thrilled that as part of my deep-cleaning project I removed almost everything from the laundry room shelves [I actually removed everything so I could wash the shelves, but he didn’t discover this until I’d started putting things back]:

darwin helping me clean the laundry room shelves         darwin helping me clean the laundry room shelves

Replacement tube completed:

new dryer vent tube

After replacing the tube I cleaned the lint from UNDER the lint tray – the lint that gets trapped down below the tray that you never see unless you peak in with a flashlight.  I can never get over how much gets trapped down there!  I pulled it out with giant tweezers [#affiliate], but you can also use a vent cleaning brush [#affiliate]:

the lint hidden underneath our dryer's lint screen         the lint hidden underneath our dryer's lint screen

Then I washed the rubber ring surrounding our front-loading washer door – SO GROSS:

cleaning the rubber door ring of the washing machine

Darwin was so happy to help me with this entire project:

Stay tuned for furlough project #4!

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  1. AnneV

    Tomorrow I absolutely have to clean under the lint tray in my dryer. It’s one of those things you don’t even think about, but I took a look tonight and …. omg!

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