Painting While Intoxicated – Part 2
Painting While Intoxicated – Part 2

Painting While Intoxicated – Part 2

Click HERE to see the results of my 2013 intoxicated painting session.

As I’ve said before, I rarely get drunk [which is why there were no 2014 or 2015 Intoxicated Art posts].  I enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, or some Mike’s Hard Mango Punch on the weekends, but it’s not often I decide to really let go.  But sometimes I do, and sometimes while in a state of joyful inebriation I feel compelled to be creative.  Two weekends ago I drank 4 Mike’s Mango Punches and informed hubby that I absolutely HAD TO GO PAINT.  I headed up to the girl cave and an hour later had 3 new paintings to show for it:

278a6        278b6


I framed 2 of them for gifts [the one on the right is for hubby’s office]:


And I’m keeping the 3rd one for myself.  I’ll probably make a frame for it, since it’s stretched canvas and won’t fit into a regular frame.

The 2 framed ones were painted with acrylic on 9×12″ canvas board.  The 3rd one was painted with acrylic on 10×14″ canvas.  All 3 were actually “do overs”, which is my favorite thing about painting:  being able to wipe the slate clean so to speak [with a coat of white paint] and start fresh:

278f        278e

They were actually 3 of the 4 I did in 2013 while intoxicated [I never really liked how those ones came out]:

intoxicated drunken splatter paint art

Although I did finally frame the 4th painting from that night and gave it to our friend Torrey this afternoon:


I added it to the temporary row in the living room:


Like before, I made a mess this time, too, but thankfully not as bad.  The casualties were primarily my iPig, my iPod [they still work fine, they’re just a bit more colorful], and what used to be a plain black t-shirt:

278g        278h

I have no idea why I’m wearing sunglasses in that photo.  “I was drunk” is probably the only explanation needed.

Even thought I didn’t like the 4 paintings I did while intoxicated in 2013, the 3 I did 2 weekends ago and the 2 I did while intoxicated in 2007 are among my top favorite paintings:

red & green abstract painting 2007 - acrylic on 8x10" canvas board w/ metal stars        pink & green abstract painting 2007 - acrylic on 8x10" canvas board

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