Dining Room Cat Platform – Part 3
Dining Room Cat Platform – Part 3

Dining Room Cat Platform – Part 3

In case you missed it, here are the previous links for this now-completed project:


After realizing Bonkers was never going to use the nice ramp I built him for the dining room platform, I caved and built him a lower platform to use as a step to get to the windowsill platform.  Here’s Darwin, bravely trying out the new platform a few minutes after completion:

20a        20b

Bonky still wasn’t sure:


So the next morning I put a blanket on the lower platform, like I’d done for the windowsill platform, and look what happened!:

20d        20e

Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A little while later I noticed the Bonk was chilling on the windowsill platform!  so proud of my boy!

20f        20g

And with the bird feeders on the window, it’s become a favorite hangout for both boys.  Here’s Darwin keeping a surprisingly casual profile with a bird 6 inches from his face:


The lower platform took about 2 hours to cut, prime, paint and attach to the wall with anchored shelf supports from IKEA.  It was a fast-lined project, meaning I wanted it over and done. No waiting for the recommended amount of drying time between coats, etc… And if you look really closely at the cut along the front edge of the platform, you’ll notice how wonky and wavy it is – that’s because I used my reciprocating saw [sawzall] to cut it, versus the circular saw, because I couldn’t get the *%^$# bolt off the circular saw to put the blade on [hubby effortlessly removed it for me last night – don’t you hate when you try for over an hour to remove a bolt, and then someone comes along and removes it for you in under 30 seconds – “oh, you mean this bolt?” as he holds it in his hands for me to inspect – grrrr…. i mean thank you Hubby!!!].

20i        20j

UPDATE 7/11/2018:

I redid the dining room cat platform and added a twin in the other window in May 2018:

completed product - 2 new indoor dining room window cat platforms!        completed product - 2 new indoor dining room window cat platforms!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      They totally love it! This morning Bonkers hopped right up onto the lower shelf, then up onto the windowsill platform likes he’s been doing it forever. That made me very happy 🙂 I’m going to be constructing another cat ramp/window platform soon, somewhere upstairs. More on that later!

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