Year: <span>2018</span>
Year: 2018

My Virtual Mission – Part 4

In August 2016 I shared my mission to virtually bicycle across the US from Ipswich, MA, to the Seattle Aquarium.  I am logging all the miles I ride on the recumbent bike at the YMCA & the miles I walk into  I have logged 1,500 miles so far, and reached 50% of my mission.

Germany 2018 – Part 4

My brother-in-law told me my 5th full day in Germany would be a “no travel” day.  I was hoping that meant a “relax day” but it was not.  He told me they really needed to spend some time in their 2 gardens [land they own, about a 5 minute drive from their house] harvesting vegetables & nuts, and composting the hundreds of apples and pears that had fallen from their trees.