Spray Painting in the Snow
Spray Painting in the Snow

Spray Painting in the Snow

Today was unseasonably warm – it got up to 48° which meant I could spray paint the 4 remaining door panels for the AC boxes – HOORAY!!!  Painting the 2 green ones by hand was tedious and took hours [3 coats per side] and made my hand cramp up from jabbing a dry brush into every single hole to make sure no paint was stuck:


But they came out awesome and I was fully prepared to do the same with the blue ones and the white ones.

But then I noticed it was actually warm out today and even though there’s still a bunch of snow outside I set up my little spray paint board on top of our old bathroom litter box cabinet [Birdie soaked it in pee so I had to rush it outside a few weeks ago] and our compost bin.  Usually I set up my spray board on the ground but there was too much snow:

I happily sprayed the remaining 4 panels, 2 coats per side:


As soon as they were dry enough to move I rushed them back down to the basement cage to fully dry:


So shiny 🙂

Lastly, I worked on painting the first set of door frames green.  All 6 door frames are primed.  It’s nice to finally be nearing the end of this project!  I am so excited to see how the AC boxes look when hung on the walls:

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