Meet Franc!
Meet Franc!

Meet Franc!

Last week my friend Michelle posted on Facebook that her friend Joe needed to find a new home for his male rat Franc.   Apparently Joe has to travel a lot for work, so Franc got lonely.  I have really missed having boy rats, even though it’s very dangerous to have boys and girls in the same house [all they try to do is get to each other and then 3 weeks later you have 18 babies. And with 5 females, that’s 90 rat babies and I REALLY don’t need that headache].  But Franc is SO cute and so sweet… hubby agreed we could adopt him.  We’ve been in Florida since 12/16 but got home late last night.  This morning at 9:00 I picked up Franc and took him to work with me in a travel cage – here he is enjoying a mini shredded wheat:

237a        237h

After work [they let us out at noon – woohoo!] I drove Franc home and dragged the 2nd big cage out of the basement and into the living room.  After setting it up, I placed Franc in it and he was in wonderland.  He really liked the boxes I cut holes in [aka cardboard club houses]:

237b        237c

Then I got our Christmas tree out of storage and set it up in the living room between the rat cages.  Girls on the left, Franc on the right:

237d        237e

Franc took a 2 hour nap, then noshed on some fresh romaine lettuce and cucumber:

237f        237g

Isn’t he adorable?  I’m thinking of wrapping his cage in chicken wire or hardware cloth as an added measure of protection… Nibbler [our black and white female] has been trying like mad to get over to Franc’s cage all afternoon.  She’s been trying to get herself up onto the French door which would take her on a direct route to Franc.  Not good.  They’re all getting locked up tight tonight.

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks, Jessica, Franc is so funny! We put him in his ball on the floor yesterday and the cats didn’t know what to make of it! They gave him a wide berth as he cruised around.

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Well, out of the 5 girls and Franc, only Nibbler is having a crazy spell. The 4 other girls and Franc don’t seem to give a shit so hopefully Nibbler will cool her jets and things will go back to normal 🙂

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