Garden Update
Garden Update

Garden Update

Not that we have much of a garden, our yard is way too small.  But we do have planters lining the wall in our back yard, which overlooks the Ipswich River.

Two weeks ago I bought the multi-colored Petunias and filled the orange planters with them:

171e        171b

And last week after work I bought some Bachelor Button and Zinnea seeds, which I planted in the green planters.  The seedlings are starting to grow!

171c        171d

And best of all, Birdie is still totally loving her new upstairs platform!

birdie on upstairs hall cat platform

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      That is a very good point, D’Arcy! I keep focusing on the fact we have no real yard, but I do LOVE having the river right there – it’s a never ending source of cool things to see and wonderful white noise!

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