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For the past year or so I have taken a different approach to blogging.  As have the vast majority of bloggers I follow.  Some have postulated it’s the natural evolution of blogging on the internet.  For the first decade it was POST! POST! POST! as much content! as often as possible! to draw readers in and keep them entertained.  Then everyone burnt out in a giant, flaming explosion of mental fatigue.  Bloggers from the constant pressure of producing new content.  Readers from the sheer amount of reading it required to follow even half a dozen blogs.  Now it seems people are starting to slowly come back, though to a much slower paced format.  Content is only posted when the blogger actually has something to say or share.  It’s allowing bloggers to feel inspired again, and readers to take a collective breath and start following along again.

I’m going to intersperse photos of Ipswich Illumination to liven things up a bit.  We mostly enjoyed it from our deck this year, because COVID.  Thankfully the dragon sculpture from past years was placed right outside our house so we got to enjoy it for the 6 extended weeks of Illumination 2020:


So did the otters who were using it as a feeding platform one morning – I love how their expressions seem to emulate the dragon:


So… instead of forcing myself to come up with new things to say or new stories to tell or new projects to share on a fast paced schedule, I am only posting when I either have something to say, or have ample time to say it.  It’s been over 6 weeks since my last post.  For the past 2 months my job has been NUTS.  Very stressful and non-stop.  I’m still working from home, as is Jim.  We both love working from home and love having each other home.  As do the cats.  Darwin is usually sprawled on the dining room table keeping Jim company, and Birdie is usually tucked into a cat basket in the girl cave, snoring.  I never knew she snored!  She snores a lot.  It’s adorable.

If you look closely at the next 2 photos there are little aqua lights floating in the air.  I have NO IDEA what they are but they’re beautiful:


Because work has been so crazy, busy, & stressful, the last thing I feel like doing after work or on the weekends is spending more time on the computer.  So I have been doing projects, just not sharing much about them.  Here is my current blog folder, with a sub-folder for each project/story I have yet to share with you:

How many is that, 11?  OMG… I usually have 3-4 project sub-folders.  In 7+ years of blogging I’ve never had 11!  Eventually I will get it all down on paper, so to speak.  In the process I’ll tell you about dismantling a washing machine down to the bare bones, putting it back together, and miraculously having it WORK!  And about our new back steps.  And the 3-panel privacy screen I built for the bedroom for less than $40 [a fun challenge from Jim].  And a mouse update!  I know you can’t wait.  I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Towards the end of Ipswich Illumination 2020 they were doing something that involved blue and green spotlights.  I think they were creating an ocean scene on the big screen across the River:


The side effect was this amazing tree outside our windows which was alive with shimmering color for a few nights:


And, of course, Darwin is still very much enjoying his access to the back of the house / Riverwalk via the laundry room door:

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  1. AnneV

    I love your pictures and love your incredible view of the town and the river!
    Your house and your DIY projects are always fascinating! Keep it up whenever time, weather, and energy level permit.


    What a magical view, right from your windows!
    Isn’t it odd that a whole bunch of us who began blogging about 10 years ago all burned out at about the same time? I really miss some of them — even though I never met them, they were friends. I’m glad you’re still at it when the spirit moves you. I hope to spit out an occasional post, but so far, I just haven’t felt it. Also, my DIY home improvement projects have slowed considerably. Stay safe and healthy!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Yes, it seems to be a global phenomenon. Everyone burnt out around the same time. I miss reading your posts, and Jessica’s []. I still read Sarah’s [] and am so glad Kit [] is posting again after a year-long break. And Chad [] is starting to post again. I also follow Victoria [] but her ads drive me so crazy I usually never read her anymore. Everyone does feel like a friend!
      Our condo does have a great view, we always feel very lucky! And the town does so much stuff across the River from us, so we have a front-row seat from our deck. Thanks for always reading & commenting, I always love hearing from you!

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