Repointing Slate Steps – Part 3
Repointing Slate Steps – Part 3

Repointing Slate Steps – Part 3

After repointing and sealing the back slate steps, they were looking SO GOOD!  The final step was using Polyblend Grout Renew in “Natural Gray” to stain the cement-colored Quikrete to a more natural looking color.  I first learned about Polyblend Grout Renew back in 2015 when I used it to lighten the mortar in the laundry room and upstairs bath.  Back then I’d used “Platinum”, so had to go to Home Depot for the “Natural Gray”:


I poured a little into a glass jar:

And used paint brushes to carefully paint it onto the mortar:



A few days later I went back to Home Depot and bought another bottle of Polyblend Grout Renew in “Charcoal”:

I’d had a brainstorm that it might make the light mortar staining look less obvious.  I created a “wash” using mostly water with a bit of “Charcoal” mixed in, and drizzled it over the stains, then used my hands to spread it over the stones:

I was amazed at how much better they look!  Up close you can tell there’s color over the stains, but from afar they look wonderful and nearly perfect:

Quite a difference from when I started:


Last weekend I took Darwin out the back door for the first time.  I think his little mind was BLOWN:


So many things to see, hear, & smell:



He even walked onto the cement of the BRIDGE!  I was incredulous.  He’s such a scared-y cat that it was totally unexpected.  So unexpected I left my phone on the steps so didn’t get a picture!  Mostly he sprawled on or in front of the steps, while I drank my tea.  We both enjoyed the beauty of the day:

Here is a before and after picture showing all the work I did on the back/laundry room door, steps, and surroundings.  Much better curb appeal!:

view of our back door and dirty basement bulkhead       

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