Stained Glass Circles – Part 12
Stained Glass Circles – Part 12

Stained Glass Circles – Part 12

I am still trying to get caught up with blogging all the projects I’ve been working on in 2020.  I have been slowly writing posts that relate to things that have happened this past Winter & Spring.  I am trying to clear out my draft folder so I can tell you about my Summer projects!  I think this is my last post related to “older” stuff.

The last time I worked on Stained Glass circles was in April 2017.  This past April, 3 years later, I started cutting glass circles like a maniac.  I cut 70 of them in a 5 day period!  They are part of an ongoing project that I will post about when I’m actively working on it again, probably this Fall.

Here is my progress from April:

Over the winter I went to the nearby glass store and purchased some new colors.  I was very interested in primary colors because I really didn’t have any.  I chose the colors I wanted for my project and laid the glass out on my workbench:


This project is related to the frames I made back in 2016:


I spent hours cutting circles of various sizes and grinding the edges:


I started to pile them up by color so I’d know how many I had:


I slowly added more colors:


And more!  I labeled each pile with a count of the number of circles in each color group:

I still have green circles to cut, but I ran out of steam!  Stay tuned this Fall for more on this project.

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  1. AnneV

    In the past, you’ve made some wonderful works of art with your glass circles. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to now.
    Whatever it is, they’re always beautiful.

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