Deck – Part 4

new deck and door from fish ladder, back of house

As of my last deck update, we had a deck and we had a door. The door being a HUGE improvement over climbing out the window! Since then, the 2nd French door – leading from the living room out to the yard – has been installed. It’s a twin to the one upstairs leading out to the deck, and is located directly below that one.

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Living Room Cupboard – Part 8

luan lip attached to living room cupboard

The original title of this post was “The 6th Coat’s the Charm!” So yeah, I’m STILL struggling with the living room cupboard overhaul. After briefly thinking I was done, I decided it looked like crap and started over. The only thing I liked from my first attempt was the stained plywood top. Hubby helped me decide on a new color for the base and doors [Benjamin Moore Night Flower – same as the laundry room]

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Deck – Part 2

view of new deck from ipswich river fish ladder

During the first week of deck construction, support posts were placed & the deck was framed in. Mid-way through the 2nd week, we came home to… A deck!!! OMG we have a deck! We still have no DOOR to get out to the deck [we have to climb through the bedroom window] but at least we have a deck! We climbed out the window and took our first deck selfie 🙂

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