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i let the workbench stain sit overnight to cure

[2] I eradicated black mold from behind the fridge:

thankfully both pieces of drywall i cut showed no signs of black mold

[3] I replaced the motor in our bathroom ceiling fan:

the new bathroom ceiling fan motor is installed and plugged in

[4] I painted the tall bookcase in the girl cave high-gloss red:

the tall red bookcase in the girl cave is all put back together        the tall red bookcase in the girl cave is all put back together

[5] I upgraded the catio with welded wire & a DIY sleeping box:

bonkers in the catio        darwin sleeping in the catio sleeping box!

i finished waterproofing the wall with the can i bought on amazon

[8] I painted our neighbor’s door black:

i taped up my neighbor's door so i could paint it black        i painted our neighbor's door black to match the rest of the condo doors

[10] I crafted a DIY litter box:

i cut a hole in the front of this black storage bin create a diy litterbox


the final step at muse paintbar was adding fur & whiskers

[2] I began work on a chameleon mural for hubby:

i added highlights and shadows to the chameleon's body

the blue stained glass star i made my mom for mother's day        i turned christyne's piece of beach glass into a necklace

me completing the funnest obstacle at the 5k muddy leprechaun mud run - marini farm, ispwich!

i carefully painted "1 cup" lines around each of our 6 wine glasses

clarence & clementine painted turtle, holding hands on a rock in the ipswich river

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Hi D’Arcy! I still haven’t commented on your seasons greetings post – GAH! The last 4 months have been different, for sure. I am feeling better! Not 100%, but the tonsillectomy got rid of the endless sore throat, and my energy is slowly starting to come back. Right now hubby and I have colds we caught flying home from FL for the holidays. BLEH. Happy New Year to you and Eric and your zoo!

  1. AnneV

    You’re a very talented and industrious DIYer (sorry, I know that can’t possibly be a word). In view of how rotten you felt the last third of last year, I’m endlessly impressed with what you accomplished. Can’t wait to see what you do next. I still vote for winterizing the cateo, but this weather is hardly conducive to doing that.

  2. AnneV

    YIKES! Normally, I’d assume you’d just go for it – all of it – and complete everything by the end of the year. However, in view of feeling like hell for the past three months, maybe you should just rest up and tackle it all next year! However, if you’re going to complete just one project, I’d vote for No. 8 – winterizing the catio. The boys would be SO happy!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      the projects at the end are just ones i’m planning or would like to do at some point in the future… not things i’m going to do this year. i am not really planning on doing much else this year!

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