Front Stoop: Re-Stained

One of the items on my 2017 Projects list was to re-stain the front stoop.  The stoop was built in 2014 & I stained it in 2015.  It was starting to look pretty shabby:

I washed it first, then repaired a piece of wood that had broken off.  I used wood glue & some makeshift rock “clamps”:


Then put on one coat of stain:

Then decided to add a 2nd coat even though you’re only supposed to put on one…:

Now it’s SUPER water sealed:

the front stoop is very rain proof with 2 coats of new stain

I used Thompson’s Water Seal in Acorn – the same stain I used the first time around:

outdoor cat enclosure / catio thompson's waterseal waterproofing stain acorn

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6 thoughts on “Front Stoop: Re-Stained”

    • It works really well! Only one coat necessary, and seems to last 2 years, although we get so much direct sun beating down that it’s hard to tell. A shaded area might fare much better. But the water beads right up!


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