2020 Projects

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i patched holes in the basement wall with drylok hydraulic cement        two coats of white drylok waterproofing sealant on the basement wall

[2] Hubby & I installed a First Responder Key Box on the front of our house:

installing the new knox first responder key box        the new knox first responder key box

the silver nickel colored doorknob in the master bedroom/bath door        the brass hinges spray painted rustoleum metallic in the upstairs bath door

the silver nickel colored hinges in the french doors in the living room        i boiled the painted brass hinges and screws for 10 minutes

[4] I gave the DIY screen door some TLC:

i scraped off as much of the flaking paint as i could from the screen door        the screen door looks so much better after a new paint job        the screen door looks so much better after a new paint job

[5] I finished de-mousing our foundation with hardware cloth:

i had to cut one piece to accommodate a giant rock buried under the stoop        i stapled the freshly painted mouse mesh to the stoop & house

[6] I added more artificial grass to the back yard:

[7] I installed a deadbolt in the bedroom-to-deck door:

i used the deadbolt kit template to mark circles on the door        drilling the large deadbolt hole with the hole saw that came with the kit

i patched up & painted the deadbolt strike plate in the door        the baldwin smartkey deadbolt & doorknob in the bedroom door - silver nickel brass

[8] I painted our basement bulkhead black:

our basement bulkhead after 2 coats of exterior black paint

[9] I installed a personal key safe outside our door:

i used adhesive velcro strips to hang the spare key in the lockbox        the new outdoor spare key lockbox has a cover for the combination

[10] I painted our basement cellarway [stairwell] high gloss blue:

i painted our basement cellarway with bluenose semi-gloss paint        the basement cellarway after painting the walls and trim

i nailed new felt weather stripping to the right side of the back door        our new backdoor color changing light slowly changes colors

i easily pulled most of the old mortar out of the slate back steps        i used polyblend grout renew in charcoal to cover slate mortar stains

The back steps are now one of Darwin’s favorite hangouts:

darwin on his harness leash enjoying life outside the back door        darwin on his harness leash enjoying life outside the back door

[13] I tore apart our washing machine and replaced the spider-arm behind the drum:



Jim took this awesomely grumpy pic of me during the process:

[14] I built a DIY folding screen for the bedroom for < $40:

[15] I built bin cages for the mice to give them more room to play:

[16] I fixed our annoying swinging doors by denting one hinge pin per door:


[1] Our local handyman rebuilt our back steps, sealed the basement with PVC where mice were getting in, and rebuilt the rotten door sill:

staining the back yard steps        after i removed a bunch of rotted material i put the step back


[1] I played with the new watercolor pens hubby gave me:

green & blue bugs chromatek tutorial on youtube - watercolor pens        my attempt to paint waves with watercolor pens

[2] I cut more stained glass circles:

i sorted the new stained glass circles by size and color

[3] I shared 3 mice stories [PART 1, PART 2, & PART 3]:

adorable mouse baby face       

a basement caught mouse running in the wheel before release        i caught the mouse dad and mouse baby with one way doors on cages

a basement caught mouse eating seeds before release        a fat and fluffy basement caught mouse before release

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