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[1] I crafted a key rack for all our wayward keys:

241b3        241i2

[2] I replaced the lighting in the girl cave:

256d3        256f3

[3] I painted our new front door black:


[4] I built a screened door for the bedroom/deck door:

view from the bedroom of the finished screen door        closeup of handle on inside of screen door

[5] I replaced the screen in the front hall:

front hall window where i replaced the screen        using spline and a spline roller to attach the front hall replacement screen

[6] I painted the living room/back yard door:

darwin watching birds out the newly painted back door        i painted the back door black on the outside and white on the inside

[7] I added lanterns to the back yard:

the back yard lights look so pretty at sunset        the back yard lights look so pretty at sunset

[8] I painted the frames of 2 of our 3 “way up high” windows:

the two frames i did paint now match the rest of the windows

[9] I expanded the upstairs hall cat platforms:

4 new cat platforms in the upstairs hall

[10] I fixed our dryer by replacing a broken heating element:

testing the voltage of our samsung dv350aep/xaa dryer after it stopped getting hot        the new heating element tests perfectly 0.00 Ω

[11] I fixed our loose newel post:

i primed & painted the wood filler after it dried. the newel post looks as good as new

[1] I bought a new workbench and moved my workshop to the girl cave:

my new workbench in the girl cave

[2] I pruned our lilac tree and took the trimming to our local transfer station:

the lilac tree after i chopped it down to almost nothing        the lilac branches next to my car after i chopped the tree down to almost nothing

[3] I cleaned the basement and took a car load of junk to the regional transfer station:

the trunk of my car full of crap for the dump

[4] I completed a 2-layer stained glass circles project:

my 2 stained glass circles projects layered with the morning sun coming through        my first stained glass circles project hung in the bedroom window/>

[5] I painted a tree on Abbie’s daughter’s wall:

i painted a full cherry blossom tree on abbie's wall

[6] I created a bazillion stained glass circles for gifts & projects:

today i foiled and soldered the edges of my 27 stained glass circles        i made 6 "christmas glass" circles & 2 "sunset glass" circles

decorative "christmas glass" stained glass circle        decorative "sunset glass" stained glass circle

[7] I embellished some of last year’s stained glass stars:

i soldered spirals to 3 of the large stained glass stars i made last december        the 2 triangle snowflake stars layered

[8] I made a stained glass catboat for my Dad:

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