[1] I completed the living room insulated AC cabinet:

[2] I completed the bedroom insulated AC cabinet:

[3] I added lighting to a dark basement corner:

the new led light provides excellent lighting for the dark corner

after cleaning, our white yard fence is so shiny and white again!

[5] I built an outdoor squirrel feeding platform:


[6] I completed the girl cave insulated AC cabinet:

i revised the color scheme for the girl cave ac cabinet

[7] I added a few rolls of fake grass to our backyard:

the artificial turf looks great in our back yard!

i painted drylok masonry waterproofer over the hydraulic cement patches        i painted drylok masonry waterproofer on the walls going up the basement stairs

[9] I added a windowsill shelf to the front hall:

i attached the new front entrance hall windowsill to the frame with brackets

[10] I closed off access to the eave above our deck:

i spray painted the wire mesh hardware cloth i used to cover the bird nest

[11] I repaired the drywall cracks at the master bedroom ceiling:

a closeup of the large crack in the bedroom where the ceiling meets the wall

[12] I repainted the master bedroom accent wall a new shade of blue:

        the chameleon mural looks fantastic on our newly painted bedroom wall

[13] I added a cat fountain to the downstairs bathroom:

darwin drinking from the new aquapurr cat fountain


[15] I installed a cat door for the downstairs bathroom:

the cat door successfully installed in the bathroom door for darwin        darwin testing the cat door after i installed it in the bathroom door

[16] I washed almost all of our windows inside & out [some can’t safely be reached].
[1] I finished the chameleon mural for the master bedroom wall:

        the chameleon mural looks wonderful hung over our bed

[2] I crafted 3 stained glass mobiles – one in September:

And 2 in December:


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