Glass Circles Project, 2nd Frame

Last September I finished my first layered-frame glass circles project:

my 2 stained glass circles projects layered with the morning sun coming through        my first stained glass circles project hung in the bedroom window

Today I cut the metal frame inserts for a 2nd set, and soldered the edges for a firm fit in each frame:


Then soldered a whole bunch of circles into them.  I cut the circles back in November:

today i foiled and soldered the edges of my 27 stained glass circles

Just for today’s purpose:


I just need one more circle for the 2nd one to fill the gap in the center/bottom.

Layered they look pretty cool so far:

I might take apart the 1st circles project and see what combination of layers looks best between all 4 framed panels.

I also got to try out my new stained glass tool holder – it worked out wonderfully:

I put some tissue paper on Bonkers’ girl cave cat bed and he settled right in to keep me company:

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  1. Bonkers knows comfort. It’s nice that he kept you company while you worked. Your stained glass projects keep getting better and better.

    • Thanks, Jessica! Yes, he always finds the most coziest spots 🙂 And he loves to follow me wherever I go. All 3 do actually.

  2. Adorable. Love the tool holder. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. LOVE these!! Nothing like tissue paper to make a great, crinkly bed.

  4. I love your first two-layer stained glass project, so I’m really looking forward to seeing your second creation.

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