Stained Glass Circles – Part 5
Stained Glass Circles – Part 5

Stained Glass Circles – Part 5

Today I spent 3 hours cutting 27 stained glass circles for my 2nd stained glass circles project.  I completed my first circles project in September:

my 2 stained glass circles projects layered with the morning sun coming through        my first stained glass circles project hung in the bedroom window

I started this afternoon by cutting blue circles because I want my 2nd project to be way bluer than my first.  Then I moved on to purples, pinks, raspberries, & clear bubble glass:

314a        314b

Here’s the aftermath of “grozing” the clear bubble glass circles – yikes:


Working with glass is always messy & a bit dangerous!  After I was done cutting, grinding, & washing each piece I laid them out on the kitchen table to dry overnight.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to get the edges copper foiled:


When I was almost done cutting circles I noticed a beautiful sunset out the girl cave window:


After 3 hours of cutting & grinding glass my fingers are numb and a bit banged up, but it was worth it.  I wanted to get all the cutting done today so I can move on to foiling and soldering tomorrow.  I probably made way too many circles but better to have too many than not enough 🙂  If I do have extras I’ll use them for another project.

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  1. Anne

    Love your stained glass creations, and the circle project (so far) is spectacular. Hope you’re wearing eye protection, and also how did you dare leave the circles on your kitchen table? Too much potential fun for at least two of your cats!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I always wear eye protection! can you imagine how painful a glass shard, sliver, or even microscopic speck would be in your eyeball? OUCH! and as you know, cuts to your eye hurt for days/weeks. darwin is only interested in being a PITA [pain in the ass] wherever we are. He only jumps up onto the counter/table when he knows we’re working on something there. And I don’t think Birdie would disturb them, either. I think she’s way more interested in wandering the floors at night when the boys are sleeping!

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