I Painted Our New Front Door Black!

I Painted Our New Front Door Black!

One more item from my 2016 Projects list has been completed!  I painted our new front door black.  When I was at Home Depot earlier this week I picked up a quart of black semi-gloss exterior paint:


It’s thick like chocolate pudding, and dark purple, but it goes on smoothly and dries to a shiny black.  This is my first experience with exterior paint and it was a good one.  After one coat:

262b        262c

After two coats:

262d        262e

And finally, after three coats:

262g        262f

262h        262i

Hooray!  Now it’s black like our old front door.  Much better than white.  Although now I’m noticing the grey replacement clapboards near the bottom of the door… Might have to touch those up with some exterior white paint.

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      1. Jessica @CapeofDreams

        Sorry. It’s a reference to a Stones’ song (Rolling Stones). Douglas sings it to me whenever he sees our red door or if I happen to mention it.

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