IKEA Trip 2015
IKEA Trip 2015

IKEA Trip 2015

Unfortunately I woke up with a really bad headache.  I decided to go to IKEA anyways, without taking Advil first.  Mistake.  But it worked out OK.  I got everything I went for!

I got to IKEA right at 10:00 when they opened:

134a        134d

By this point my headache had reached baby migraine status and was making me nauseous.  Meh.  So I only did one walk through the store [instead of my usual 2], and skipped having lunch there [and therefore my chance at their lush, chocolate cake – double MEH].  I was back in my car at 11:15 and home and in bed by 12:30.  But, since I got what I went for, it was still a success!

I got 8 Toftbo bath rugs [which I use for cat platform covers]:

134b        134c

The color in the first picture [which I took at IKEA] is more actual.  My flash really washed it out!

I got the 3 ceiling lights for the girl cave that I went for – I can’t wait to install them in place of the 3 current [*woof!*] can lights!  Here’s the 3 cans in the girl cave that need replacing:


I got 2 Husinge LED ceiling track kits to replace the 2 closest to the wall, and an Onsjö “firefly” LED chandelier for the can over my desk:

134f        134g

I love how the Husinge track lights look like little hornets:


And I LOVE how the Onsjö chandelier looks when it’s lit:

134i        134j

I also got the 4 ceiling lights for the master bedroom that I went for – I can’t wait to install them in place of the 4 current [*woof!*] can lights!  Here’s the 4 cans in the master bedroom that need replacing:  2 near the bathroom:


And 2 up near the main beam:

134n        134m

I got 4 Tross LED ceiling track kits:

134k        134o

How can you beat TEN DOLLARS EACH???  I couldn’t resist.  And like hubby said, if they look like crap or aren’t bright enough, we’re only out $40.  The other set I was interested in were $90/each, so I saved $320 by going with the cheaper option.

All 6 track light kits I bought take the same 200 lumen LED bulbs:

134p        134q

I got 20 bulbs – 18 for the 6 track light kits + 2 extra.  Holy crap I spent $160 just on LIGHT BULBS *smacks self in forehead*!  I guess it’s good I saved so much on the track light kits.

I also got a dozen milk chocolate bars [IKEA has the best chocolate…]:


2 new fake plants for my office [and coordinating pots]:


4 new Ekby Måns shelf brackets – 2 red & 2 black:


A new colander for the kitchen:


And 4 Hemnes pine shelves, in white stain:

134v        134w

2 of them will go over the living room windows:


To house my collection of long-tailed cats that got displaced when I turned the alcove above the TV into a cat haven:


The only thing I didn’t get was a replacement for the light over the kitchen sink.  So hubby and I will go to Home Depot and/or Lowe’s this weekend.

On the way to IKEA I stopped briefly at the local hardware store and art supply store to pick up a few things for future projects:

134zb        134y

134z        134za

The wire is for making a MOBILE!  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t yet.  The craft plywood is for painting.  I want to see if it’s any different than painting on the gesso board I usually paint on, or regular plywood [which I haven’t painted on yet].

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