Pegboard in the Laundry Room

hanging pegboard in the laundry room

Last month I ordered a Pegboard Kit from Amazon. Instead of being wood, like most pegboard, it’s black plastic. My first plan was to put it up in the Girl Cave, since that’s my sometimes workshop. Then I decided I’d put it on the wall at the top of the basement stairs, since the basement cage is my main workshop. I finally decided the LAUNDRY ROOM would be the perfect spot!

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Cats in the Alcove – Part 7

birdie enjoying the view from the living room alcove cat platforms

Over the course of the past month, I’ve been building a series of shelves and platforms designed to get Birdie & Darwin into the alcove above our TV. I thought I was done. Both Birdie & Darwin LOVE the alcove and are always up there, sometimes together. But not poor Bonkers. As Jackson Galaxy would say, Bonkers is a bush dweller, not a tree dweller. The floor is his domain. Or was, until recently…

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