A River Photo Shoot

historic choate bridge in ipswich

This week I decided to take a break from DIY and catios and update 2 of my lesser visited pages: the page documenting the Ipswich River Mother’s Day Flood of 2006, and the page documenting the March 2010 Flood. Neither flood were experienced by me – they happened before I met Jim, but Jim experienced the 2010 flood first hand.

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OMG There’s So Much Going On!

lucy reeder, abbie's dog

I have been doing some tidying up behind-the-scenes here at ninedarkmoons.com. I have broken the RIVER page into 3 sections and cleaned up the PROJECTS pages. I hung out with Abbie & her adorable babies. I crossed the 2k mark on my motorcycle odometer. The garden is blooming beautifully! I c**k-blocked Bonkers. I set up my new WorkMate table. I began work on the catio DOOR! AND we got our permit for replacement windows!!!

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Garden Update

flower pots and seedlings in yard

Not that we have much of a garden, our yard is way too small. But we do have planters lining the wall in our back yard, which overlooks the Ipswich River. Two weeks ago I bought the multi-colored Petunias and filled the orange planters with them. And last week after work I bought some Bachelor Button and Zinnea seeds, which I planted in the green planters. The seedlings are starting to grow!

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Finally – Flowers!

flower pots in yard

I am so late this year dressing up our tiny yard with some color, but finally got it done today. Hubby and I visited our friend Nat yesterday and stayed over at his house near Boston. On the way home we stopped at Lowe’s for a few things, so I grabbed 8 little pots of Petunias and some potting soil. It was a beautiful day for planting, low 70’s, sunny, and breezy.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Hubby!!!

3rd anniversary selfie of me and jim

It’s been a magical and wonderful 3 years, filled with love and respect and friendship and more fun than I could have ever imagined. Every day is an adventure and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!!! Hopefully in Hawaii πŸ™‚
And thank you for the gorgeous red tulip and iris bouquet that arrived at my office today!

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2 sloths with pink hibiscus

And not the cute, algae and moth covered variety. The pure, lazy, lay on the couch and do nothing variety! I actually slept until 2:30pm this past Saturday… I think it’s a combination of jet lag from our Hawaii trip [I know, poor me…] and work being completely bat-shit crazy for the past few months, particularly since I’ve been back.

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chantal harmonica tea kettle on the kitchen stove from martha

My friend and former neighbor Martha [we lived next to each other for 7 years before I moved to Ipswich to live with hubby] is downsizing, and asked if I’d come to her house last week to see if I’d be interested in anything she was getting rid of. Yay!

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OMG Errands.

front entrance hall closet with benjamin moore kendall charcoal paint and fat white hangers

I had today off from work. I had some extra vacation time built up, so I’ve taken 3 Wednesdays off over the past couple months. I like taking Wednesday off because you work 2 days, then have one day off, then work 2 more days, and have 2 days off. I prefer shopping on weekdays because the stores are blissfully vacant, so Wednesdays are perfect for errands.

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Cat Bowl with FEET!

houzz white ceramic cat bowl with feet

For the first time ever, I have bought something from Houzz.com. To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what Houzz is… it sort of defies characterization. Thanks to my mom [who discovered Houzz last year] I get their daily emails, which contain links to photo-heavy articles on home decor, architecture, gardens, chicken coops, home offices, kitchen backsplashes, art studios, garden sheds, DIY stuff, and a bazillion other things.

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