Fall 2020 In Photos
Fall 2020 In Photos

Fall 2020 In Photos

Here are my Instagram photos from Fall 2020:

Blue Heron on the waterfall at dusk, & my Venus fly trap eating a spider it caught all by itself proud:


Splinter 2020 & the 3-panel screen I made:


The dragon they installed above the waterfall for Ipswich Illumination 2020, & the Mouse Dad:


The Mouse Baby:


I hardly got to ride at all this year, & more Illumination Dragon:


I tore apart our washing machine this summer, fixed it, and put it back together:



I built bin cages for the mice:


It doubles the room they have:

During Ipswich Illumination 2020 lights were shining on the maple tree outside our house:


For a few weeks the Mouse Baby had a friend who he cuddled with every night [had to release her], and wooly bear caterpillar:


For the first time ever I did my own highlights:


Birdie staring at me and Darwin out on the back steps, & Ipswich Illumination 2020 from our deck:


Spider web on the fish ladder, and Darwin hanging out on the back steps:


Birdie keeping me company in the girl cave while I work:


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