Winter 2020 In Photos
Winter 2020 In Photos

Winter 2020 In Photos

This post is dedicated to Winston, who died last night at a little over 2 years old.

Here is Winston as a baby back in April 2018:

baby winston enjoying some snacks

We lost his brother Killy last September.  Winston & Killy together last Spring:

winston and killy playing in the park, and dandelion

Winston died happy and content as an old man rat:


Birdie & disco ball:


Mouse damage in the basement right below our living room [we could hear chewing through the baseboard heater]:


The culprits were caught and are living the life of luxury in a fancy hamster cage [both are female]:


Darwin & vanity plate:


Happy mouse & tattoo #14:


River view from our living room & mouse mansion:


Florida for Christmas:



Hot chocolate & homemade marshmallows from Abbie & the TV-B-Gone that I built hubby:


Our house from across the Riverwalk Bridge:


Postal Winston & my first foray into watercolor pens [post coming soon]:


Darwin laying on his squished cat cave:

I went to FL again in February to celebrate my Dad’s & brother’s birthdays:



Valentine’s roses & house mice sharing a tube:


Winston & tattoo #15:


Hibiscus flowering in our bedroom, sunset over the river from the deck:


Winston cleaning the cottage cheese container for me, & Birdie:


Darwin helping me telework & tucked into his cat cave:


Mouse heads & mouse butts:


A mouse I took care of for a friend [deer mouse vs. house mouse – very different looking and not at all happy to live a luxurious cage life], & Darwin watching the house mice [cat TV]:

        darwin watching cat tv - the mice were doing something loud

Birdie in her basket next to my telework desk in the girl cave, & my friend’s mouse trying to escape [I let her go/released her earlier this week]:

birdie sleeping in her bed on the floor of the girl cave while i work        christyne's wild deer mouse trying to escape, she's since been released

My venus fly trap flowered, & more work to prevent basement flooding:

my venus fly trap actually flowered       

Gravestone of the man that built our house:

ipswich 1716 gravestone of dr. philemon dean who built our house       

Happy Spring everyone!  Stay safe and stay inside as much as possible during this crazy time of sickness, stress, sadness, & uncertainty.

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I love seeing your pics of the boys, especially helping out in the kitchen! They’re adorable and seem like really good kids. With you as parents how could they not be! I need to do more watercoloring.

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing well! Sorry about Winston … is 2 old for a rat? It cracks me up that you’re keeping house mice in your cage! They must be wondering what the hell happened … abducted by aliens? That gravestone is amazing! Stay well and try to enjoy spring, regardless of all the world’s problems. — D’Arcy

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Hi D’Arcy! I try every month or so to leave a comment on your Africa posts but it still doesn’t work. So weird!!! I hope that someday it will.
      2 is very old for a rat, unfortunately 🙁 They don’t live nearly long enough. But they’re so sweet and we cherish our time with them so much and they make us laugh all the time, so it seems worth the pain of losing them so fast. I’ve heard of rats living to 5 years, but I’ve never experienced it.
      I don’t know what the house mice think! LOL!!! But they’re so fat and spoiled I feel like they’d die (or make a banquet meal for a hawk) that I don’t want to release them! They constantly drink from the little water bottle, they eat mouse food and people food. They’re particularly fond of Ben & Jerry’s!

  2. AnneV

    We’re both so sorry about Winston; I’m glad he had a chance to enjoy a feast on that cottage cheese container. Such a cute, lovable guy.
    Your pictures, as always, are wonderful – some beautiful, some fun – all really good!

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