Fall 2019 In Photos
Fall 2019 In Photos

Fall 2019 In Photos

Even though I started sharing my Instagram pics as a way of communicating with you while I took a break from blogging, I’ve enjoyed it as a way to see what I was up to over the past few months.  Here’s my Fall 2019 in photos:

Ipswich Illuminated 2019:



Birdie left me a hilarious message on her puppy pad.  Gross, I know, but funny:

Lots of hair changes.  Purple stripes, blond stripes, half shaved:



Winston [we lost Killy in September]:



Fall colors:



I put my venus fly trap in a mason jar.  The afternoon sun made it very humid in the jar every day.  But with the cold weather I’ve moved it to our shower caddy.  So there’s shampoo, shampoo, shampoo, carnivorous plant:


Darwin being Darwin – asleep in my motorcycle tail bag & attacking hubby:


Milkweed seed pods adding some sparkle:


Beautiful sunsets:


Crayon art:


        crayon art with a circle template, sharpies, and art paper

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Awww, I love it, but I do have to limit my social media to Facebook and Instagram. Anything else and I get overwhelmed. Tried Twitter for a couple hours and instantly hated it. Gone! I like posting my seasons in photos, so I will keep up the tradition 🙂

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