Summer 2020 In Photos
Summer 2020 In Photos

Summer 2020 In Photos

I’m not sure summer is actually over, but it feels over, especially today – BRRRRRR!  Here are my Instagram shots from Summer 2020:

Macro lens pic of a dragonfly drinking water on our front porch [I just noticed he has a mite on his upper lip like the caterpillar below!]; raccoon [?] hand print on our living room window:


The Mouse Baby; a beautiful jumping spider that was watching me work:


Our deck after hanging a privacy screen; a crayon rendering of our slightly tilted backdoor deadbolt so I could line it up correctly on the door frame:


Darwin chilling on the couch with me; scared temporary basement-caught mouse eating chocolate before release:


Assessing damage to the back steps; temporary mouse running in wheel:


The nail I came upon while trying to drill a deadbolt hole in the bedroom; I drilled out the front of the door frame so I could pull it out:


Giant tomato worm/caterpillar thing in our driveway; front of house and the view up South Main Street towards the Choate Bridge:


A mansion at night across the marsh taken while I was walking one evening; mouse cages & fairy lights in the living room:


Temporary basement-caught mice getting fattened up before release, including a mom and her baby in a paper towel tube:


Birdie waking me up in bed; Darwin’s favorite summer pose [notice how huge his feet are – 7 [8?] claws per foot]:


More temporary basement-caught mice before release [I caught and released like 20 this summer!!!]:


Tail injury from fighting; peeking:


Smiling to be in his own cage away from aggressive older males; more peeking:


Mr. Fluff [all have since been released in surrounding towns]:

New back door light bulb which slowly cycles through 10+ colors:


I painted the basement cellarway Benjamin Moore Bluenose:


We got 3 new baby boy rats!  They’re awesome & super sweet.  Meatball, Pinky [albino/blind], & Willow:


Macro lens shots of a tiny orange caterpillar and an even smaller mite:



The Mouse Dad [who we’ve had since December last year]:

A few updates to the Girl Cave including a black velvet cloth to hide the ugly plastic paint bucket holding up the huge 6’+ orchid cactus; a new witch ball for the window:


This witch ball, which I found on Etsy, is a replacement for the one my brother Seth got me years ago, which used to hang in the same window.  Sometime in 2015 the glass hanger on top separated from the ball and it fell and smashed 🙁 .  Here are 2 pics of the original one taken in 2013 [I always love looking at older pics of the girl cave to see how much it’s changed / stayed the same]:

girl cave walls painted benjamin moore violet mist       

Darwin enjoying access to the brick circle garden & public access route to the Riverwalk Bridge behind our house, which he can now enjoy via the newly functional back door:



Looking over the Riverwalk Bridge towards Ebsco publishing:

Happy Fall everyone!  What a weird year.  I hope 2021 is better…  and that this doesn’t happen:


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