Category: <span>General Creativity</span>

Category: General Creativity

6 Panel Art Project – Part 1

I woke up this morning at 7:00 with a pounding headache [could have been from the 3 Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s I had last night, but I’m thinking it was more the changing weather]. Hubby brought me some aspirin and about an hour later I leaped out of bed and announced “I’m creating art today!” and hubby was like “um… OK?”

Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 7

After work today I added some Emerald green, and by doing so, 2 of the 4 paintings are done! At least with Phase 1. To clarify, Phase 1 = getting each shape filled in with paint. Phase 2 = outlining some of the shapes. After adding the Emerald green, I moved on to Phase 2. First I lay my plastic circle template [the same one I used to draw the circles on my blank canvases] over the circles I wanted to outline.

Facebook Photo Challenge

I originally posted these shots at the end of my Driveway from Helleth post, but I decided they deserved their own post. Last week my friend Law challenged me on Facebook to a 5 day Art Challenge: post 3 works a day for 5 days. Here are 6 original photos I shot this week with my Nikon DSLR camera.

Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 5

Tonight I finally had time to work on my paintings again. It took 2½ hours just to add raspberry! Part of the problem was the color wasn’t opaque enough, so I had to apply 3 coats. Another problem was I ran out of my custom mixed color halfway through and had to mix another batch, color-matched to the first batch. Never the easiest thing! The raspberry I created was a mix of “Primary Red”, “Primary Blue”, & “Titanium White”.