A River Photo Shoot
A River Photo Shoot


  1. Hugh

    Nice job. I know how hard it is to take before and after pictures from the same spot. They never seem to line up right. Yours are great. It’s a good thing that all the snow you had last winter didn’t melt all at once. Your house would be a little closer to the Choate Bridge…Luv, Dad

  2. Anne

    I just looked at the pictures and then viewed the videos – all for the second time! It’s fascinating, unbelievable, and scary as hell.
    Seeing your house has now been through two major floods in this century – let’s hope THAT’S IT – at least for the next fifty years, if not a hundred. Great presentation!

  3. OMG!!! I have wondered if you’ve ever been flooded. The flood pics and video are terrifying!! But, your house and the other buildings have been around a LONG time, so that’s reassuring. (I tell myself the same thing about our house and earthquakes–haha.) Your new pics are great. What a beautiful town you live in! I just love New England … so very different than the left coast. We have a railroad luggage cart like the one in your photo! LOVED this post!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Ya, the videos are CRAZY. it’s true, all these houses have been here forever! Ours was built in 1716, and there’s so many around town like that. According to historicipswich.org: “Ipswich is America’s best-preserved Puritan town, with more “First Period” houses (1625-1725) than any other community in America.” So there is comfort in that 🙂 And thanks for letting me know what that adorable planter cart is! I love it! I want one now…

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