Backyard Catio – Part 16

darwin and bonkers in the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

Until our replacement windows are built and installed, I can’t connect the cat enclosure to the house. So for now I’m carrying the boys* out to it. I’ve been bringing Bonkers out since construction started and letting him explore. He’s our “I want to be outside all the time!” kitty, and howled at the back door whenever he saw me in the yard working on it without him.

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Backyard Catio – Part 15

angling the roof of the outdoor cat enclosure / catio so it's not flat

Two weekends ago I was standing in the yard, minding my own business, when I hip-checked the cat enclosure by accident. Moments later a torrent of water cascaded down my face, chest, and drill. D’oh! It turns out a flat polycarbonate plastic roof is great until it rains, and then it’s just FULL of surprises! So. I decided the roof needed to be angled. Stat!

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