Replacement Windows!
Replacement Windows!

Replacement Windows!

I apologize in advance for the crappy photo quality on some of the “before” shots.  My phone camera had a really hard time adjusting for the brightness.  Today I smartened up and used my DSLR.

Yesterday, 3 men from Rite Window came to install our replacement windows.  They replaced the 2 crank-outs in the dining room:

197b        197c

197d2        197a2

They replaced the small crank-out in the living room with a non-opening picture window [the frame was too narrow to convert to a sash window]:

197m        our house getting replacement windows installed

They replaced the 2 crank-outs in the girl cave [my before pics were so bad they were useless]:

197k        197r2

And they replaced the 2 crank-outs in the master bedroom:

our house getting replacement windows installed        197o

Woohoo!  The only one they didn’t get to yesterday was the large 3-panel one for the living room.

The best part about having sash windows in the dining room is that the new cat door I bought fits perfectly!  It’s for fat cats [like Darwin, our bruiser, who’s not really fat, just really big]:

chubbykat cat door installed in new sash window in the dining room        197g

197h        197i

We like that it has 4 settings, including “in only”, which will be handy if they decide NOT to come in when we leave for work or go to bed!  That way, when they do come in, they’ll be stuck inside until we unlock it [although hubby and I are still debating whether we WILL ever leave for work or bed while they’re still outside].  Now I just have to finish building the connector that will lead from the window to the catio.

Today, 2 of the men from Rite Window came back and installed the huge 3-panel window in the living room.  Apparently it was dropped off last night [unbeknownst to us] in our neighbor’s yard – sorry Kathy!


Within a half hour things progressed from old, 4-window crank-out mess to movie-theater sized hole in our house:

197s        197w

197x        197t

They had to use a sawzall to get through the metal braces supporting each of the 3 center king studs:


Crazy!  But our new 3-part window is gorgeous!  The 2 on each side open, the one in the center is a non-opening picture window:

197e2        197z

We love our new windows!!!  Here’s what the house looks like from the outside now – the pic on the left is from yesterday [before they installed the large window in the living room], and the pic on the right is from this afternoon, after they left:

197zd        197ze

We think the new windows look really cool, even though they have remnants of the old, dark metal frames surrounding them.  We think it gives the house a cool look, better than if everything was stark white.  At some point I’m going to paint the frames of the 3 windows up near the roof white [the 3 we didn’t have replaced], but I’ll leave the outside edges metal to match the replacement windows.

The kitties were locked up for the day while the workmen were here.  Birdie had the laundry room and was quite pleased with the blanket-nests I made for her:

197n        197j

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it – it’s right when the workmen arrived:


It’s not a quality shot, but her expression is hilarious 🙂

The boys were locked upstairs in the master bath:

197za        197zb

All 3 kitties were super happy to be released from jail after the workmen left each day.  There was a lot of sniffing and cautious exploration.

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks, D’Arcy! We totally agree with you – a great mix of classic yet modern – thanks for putting it into words 🙂 Yeah, Birdie’s expression is a perfect mix of horror+disbelief 😛

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