Backyard Steps – Part 2
Backyard Steps – Part 2

Backyard Steps – Part 2

This was a job that exceeded my abilities, so we hired it out to the same local handyman who built our front stoop & who installed the condo building’s new basement bulkhead a few years ago.

In Part 1 I explained how I found a ton of rot behind the existing steps when I pulled them away from the house.  And critter holes.  Which probably explains why I trapped and released about 30 mice from the basement this summer!  Part 2 catalogues the steps our handyman took to seal the foundation, replace the door sill, pour a cement foundation, and build the new steps.  They look beautiful!

First he removed the old steps & the hardware cloth I’d stapled to the house to prevent the critters from getting in, and smoothed out the area:


Then he poured a cement slab and let it dry overnight:

Next up was opening up the foundation and removing all the rot:


It was cool to look into the side of the house to the basement:


Our handyman removed a lot of rotten material:


He temporarily boarded the area over, then came back the following day with a PVC panel which he attached to the house.  I thought that was very interesting!  He said it is critter proof:


A few days later he built the bottom step, and extended it out to fake grass like I’d asked:


Then  he added the top step and the trim on either side of the door [in this pic the trim is still laying on the ground.  I forgot to get a final photo]:

I love it!  Huge improvement!  BEFORE and AFTER:

our back yard steps have needed replacing for years       

Next summer I’ll be able to stain them.  Or leave them like they are to weather.

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      It’s really cool! We’re not 100% critter proof, there’s been evidence of mice in the basement recently – they might be ones left over from when the walls were open. But I believe it’s much better than before!

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