Year: <span>2014</span>
Year: 2014

Downstairs Cat Platforms – Part 3

In August, we adopted Birdie [our 3rd cat] from the shelter. We quickly realized she was terrified of Bonkers [our 2nd cat], who made it his business to stalk and harass her. Bonkers can’t jump, so Birdie spent her days sleeping on the art desk in the girl cave or on the upstairs hall cat platforms. We bought her a cat tree for the master bedroom so she’d have a Bonkers free safe zone in there, as well.

Palm Sanders are FUN!

Back in July I bought a Black and Decker orbital sander on Amazon [and accompanying pack of sanding discs]. Saturday was the first day I used it, to sand down the edges of the cat platform I’m building for the living room, which will be an extension of the one I built for the downstairs hallway. It was so much fun!

Wedding & Vow Renewal Ceremony

To be honest, I never thought I’d get married. I fantasized about it abstractly, but never met anyone where it seemed like a good idea. I was perfectly fine/happy/content with being single. I had great hobbies, good friends, lots of Netflix, etc. – I never felt I needed “a man” or “marriage” to make me feel complete. Jim never thought he’d get married either. He’d sort of resigned himself to the fact he’d probably be single forever, and was living a comfortable existence as a bachelor with his cat Darwin.

Invasion of the Rat Babies!

On October 26th, hubby and I drove up to Zoo Creatures pet store in Plaistow, NH to get some baby rats. We like that petstore because it’s family run and operated, and they hand-raise all their animals. When we got out of the car a bunch of fat chickens skedaddled out of our way, and when we stepped on the pad to open the sliding doors to the store, we noticed another chicken inside the doors, stuck in the entryway between the store’s outer sliding doors and inner sliding doors.

An Evolution of Hair

Yes, this post has nothing to do with DIY and everything to do with hair. And my mother will need to be sitting down for this one. On Sunday my friend Briggs asked me if I was having a hair crisis. Which got me thinking about it, and I decided that yes, I sort of am! And I decided my hair crisis deserved a blog post.

Well, There’s 5 Hours I’ll Never Get Back

6 weeks ago I installed the bedroom fan, 4 weeks ago I installed the girl cave fan, and 3 weeks ago I installed the living room fan. We noticed pretty fast that each time I installed a new fan, the remote control for the new fan overrode the remotes for any previously installed fans. Since I installed the living room fan last, the living room fan remote now controlled the living room fan, the girl cave fan, and the master bedroom fan. Bitch! Apparently this is because of “frequency interference”.

Ceiling Fans – Part 5

When I installed the bedroom ceiling fan and the girl cave ceiling fan, I was more concerned with getting them up and wiring them correctly, and less concerned with documenting the process for my blog. But with the living room fan install, it was all about the documentation. Maybe that’s why it was the hardest, longest install!!! OMG.

Downstairs Cat Platforms – Part 2

Over the course of the past week I cut, primed and installed a “step” for the downstairs hall cat platforms, making the downstairs hall cat platforms officially complete. Hopefully the step will make it easier for Birdie to jump up and down off the main platforms. The chair I had there in the interim wasn’t working very well [too low & too awkward – and by the way – what’s up with that ugly cushion! I never noticed that before… that’s got to go].

I can Cross Electrocution off my Bucket List…

So yeah, today I got to experience electrocution. And it was about what I expected. It felt like someone snapped a rubber band across my finger tips. Hubby describes it as a “painful tingling sensation” which is about right. I remember my Dad getting zapped a few times growing up. He’d always whip his hand away from the outlet with a “gah!” sound, and that was about what I did. I’ve always been curious to know what it felt like, and now I know!

Ceiling Fans – Part 4

Last weekend I was mostly a slug, asides from speed-walking a 5k with hubby Saturday morning. But by Sunday afternoon I’d garnered enough energy to install the girl cave ceiling fan. It took half the time as the bedroom fan install, mostly because I could easily reach it from my ladder! And I knew [mostly] what I was doing this time around.