Palm Sanders are FUN!

Back in July I bought a Black and Decker orbital palm sander [#affiliate] on Amazon [and accompanying pack of sanding discs] [#affiliate]. Saturday was the first day I used it.  I was able to quickly sand down all the edges of the cat platform I’m building for the living room, which will be an extension of the one I built for the downstairs hallway.  It was so much fun!  The box of sanding discs in various grit sizes I bought attach to the sander via velcro – how cool is that???  When a disc gets worn down, just rip it off and slap on a new one:

86n        86o

I look a little deranged in my safety goggles [#affiliate] and mask, but a mask and eye protection are a must with any type of sander:


It did an amazing job on the edges of the cat platform, and made an awesome pile of sawdust and wood bits on the floor:


Stay tuned for an upcoming post showing my progress on the cat platform extension!

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